Friday, January 25, 2008

Mini-Me Skateboard Magic

One of our favorite kid's clothing lines is on the roll. Literally. KNUCKLEHEADS added to their adorable line of retro styled jeans, plaid shirts and pullovers a set of "Lil Sleds" and "Big Sleds" skateboards perfect for that skating parent and offspring duo. The boards feature custom artwork, pro model trucks and wheels, 100% maple wood, and are made in the USA. Time to teach the little one to grind, kickflip and ollie. Remember the age old adage, the family that skates together stays together.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kid Kustoms

You thought the Bugaboo stroller was expensive? Well that's just your daily driver compared to the Rolls Royce of strollers that is The Roddler from Kid Kustom. These sweet rides are completely tricked out and totally custom. You can select finishes from Plum Pearl to Chrome, pick from a variety of fender packages inspired by 50's Cadillacs and accent with exotic leather choices like ostrich and alligator. But once you get your little prince strapped in, then what? Add-ons like a DVD system, an ipod doc and bluetooth speakers will keep them preoccupied while you drop bank at Saks, Barneys and Neiman Marcus. Where else would you be shopping if you had $2000 to spend on a stroller. Yes, $2000 big ones. Forget the college fund, Kid Kustom here we come!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Custom Sippy Cup

So you're at a play date, play ground, or some random babyfest, when your thirsty toddler grabs for her Dora the Explorer sippy cup. She takes a big swig and you see a little girl with her nose running like a faucet grab an identical Dora the Explorer sippy cup. Uh-oh. Hello cold season. With so many identical cups, and so many runny noses, it's almost impossible to keep your kids away from the "cooties" that infest toddlerhood. But with the Create My Own Cup sippy you can make your kids drink container as unique as they are. Photos of them, their pet or some of their own artwork make the drinks alot easier to swallow.