Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lincoln Logs

Forget the Elmo Condo Kit or the Dora the Explorer Erector set, we like the classics like the
Lincoln Logs Commemorative Edition

Not plastic, but good old fashion wood, just like a log cabin should be. Interesting fact, Lincoln Logs were designed by John Llyod Wright, son of Frank Llyod Wright. A perfect pedigree to get you or yours bitten by the architecture bug. First a little cabin on the dining room table, next that getaway in Tahoe, it's always good to start small.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Joke's on You

I had the squirt ring, the magic ink, and the dribble glass but never had the honor of owning my own set of X-Ray Specs although I coveted them in the colorful ads in every one of my Richie Rich comics. Now I can fulfill my dreams of x-ray vision as well as obtaining an always comical snake in the can, money snatcher and the classic fart whistle. All for the low low price of $22.00 in the Jokes On You Prank Kit from Restoration Hardware. I just hope that they come out with one of those seven foot long cardboard submarines next.